Drugs, Inc: Meth Boom Montana

This is episode 6, series 3, of the popular National Geographic documentary series Drugs, Inc. Meth Boom Montana takes a look at the drugs trade in the quiet state of Montana, where they have a serious crystal meth epidemic. Montana are in the midst of a serious drug war with Mexican and Canadian drug gangs competing for market share and law enforcement officers patrolling the vast wilderness attempting to stem the tide. The state is also seeing a huge increase in the number of people addicted to prescription drugs which make their way onto the black market.

The filmmakers talk with the people who smuggle drugs into the state, the law enforcement officers who are constantly fighting against the influx of narcotics. Drugs gangs target the state of Montana due to the high prices which can be commanded for drugs. The isolated location makes it difficult to smuggle drugs into the state and as a result the street prices are significantly higher than those that can be commanded in your typical American metropolis. Also featuring are people who are addicted to various drugs, including prescription drugs such as morphine, and of course to meth.

Meth Boom Montana is by no means the first feature on the drugs epidemic in Montana, the documentary Montana Meth is well worth a watch. If you are specifically looking for videos about meth then browse our category dedicated to Crystal Meth documentaries.



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