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  • Dope Sick Love

    Dope Sick Love

    Dope Sick Love is a unique and intriguing documentary by HBO about two pairs of heroin and crack cocaine addicted lovers who roam the streets of New York City, the film follows them as they go about their day to day lives. There is no narration or interviews in the film, an approach which proves extremely effective and has been seen in other great HBO documentaries such as Black Tar Heroin: Dark End of the Street. This film is about [...]

  • Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery

    Russell Brand is a superstar in the UK and is fast becoming one of the most popular British exports to America of our generation, but it could have ended up so very differently as a little over ten years ago he had a serious addiction to heroin and was a frequent user of various other narcotics. In Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery he tells us the story of his decline into addiction as a young TV presenter and his subsequent [...]

  • The Brickyard: Home Of All The Junkies

    The Brickyard: Home Of All The Junkies

    The Brickyard: Home of All The Junkies is a short 2006 documentary which explores the lives of a number of homeless crack and heroin addicts, drug dealers, and sex workers, who live in a semi-concealed public space in the west side of Chicago. We are struggling to find a great deal of information about this film, other than that it was supposed to be a sneak peek or promo for a full feature-length documentary which doesn’t seem to have been [...]

  • Cracked Not Broken

    Cracked Not Broken

    Cracked Not Broken is a 2007 documentary which tells the story of Lisa, a woman who was raised in a comfortable middle-class Canadian family, with a good education and a good group of honest law abiding friends. Fast forward to age 37 and she is a crack addicted prostitute with a child that she never sees. The film has a real shock factor and is at times difficult to watch as it forces you to challenge your stereotypes and encourages [...]

  • Heroin Crisis

    Heroin Crisis

    Heroin Crisis is another in a long line of excellent drugs documentaries by National Geographic, there are dozens of Nat Geo docs on this site and we haven’t been disappointed by any of them yet. This 2007 documentary tells how heroin is stronger, purer, and easier than ever to obtain whether you live on the streets of Kabul, in liberal Europe, or in the American heartland. The film shows how the war in Afghanistan has not stemmed a deluge in cheap pure [...]

  • Gateway to Heroin

    Boston now boasts the rather unflattering title as the city with the highest rate of opiate addiction and overdose. In this Vanguard documentary Gateway To Heroin investigate journalist Mariana van Zeller explores the epidemic in Boston and uncovers a disturbing link between the widespread availability of the prescription drug Oxycontin and its uglier and dirtier cousin the street drug heroin. van Zeller meets with two addicts from Boston including a former high school football star who first became addicted to Oxycontin when [...]

  • Methadonia


    Methadonia is a 2005 TV documentary which follows a group of recovering drug addicts at the New York Center for Addiction Treatment Services over an eighteen month period. The majority of the ‘clients’ are former heroin addicts who have swapped out their heroin addictions for the prescribed substitute methadone. The clients collect their methadone from one of three dispensaries in their neighborhood. The film was heavily criticized by many people who are in recovery or who work in the drug treatment profession as exploitative, [...]

  • Detox or Die

    Detox or Die

    Detox or Die is a 2007 BBC documentary by filmmaker David Scott. The film follows Scott’s own attempt to rid himself of his addiction to drugs by undertaking Ibogaine treatment. Scott spent four years hooked on heroin, and a further twelve on legally prescribed heroin substitute methadone. His addiction is managed but methadone is notoriously difficult to stop, with only 4% of people subscribed methadone successfully being able to go from methadone to clean. The film was filmed over a five year [...]

  • Facing the Habit

    Facing the Habit

    Facing The Habit is an award-winning 2007 documentary which tells the story of a former stockbroker and millionaire named Dave whose life has spiral led out of control after he developed an addiction  to heroin. In a quest to get clean and fix his broken life he decides to undertake ibogaine treatment in Mexico. He has gone from earning six or maybe even seven figure annual earnings to resorting to petty theft to fund his habit. Ibogaine is an experimental treatment derived from the West [...]

  • Junkie Junior

    Junkie Junior

    The Life of Junkie Junior is a cult 1987 documentary which follows the daily routine of 29 year old heroin addict Junior Rios as he endeavors to sustain his $200 habit through any means possible. Rios lives in the South Bronx, an area which at time time was experiencing a huge crack and heroin epidemic. The film manages to encapsulate both the severe degradation of New York’s most severely deprived New York borough. The film serves primarily as a portrait into the life [...]

  • Heroin on the NHS

    Heroin on the NHS

    Dr Clive Froggatt was once called the most powerful GP in the UK, because he was an adviser to a succession of government health secretaries and the personal adviser of prime minister Margaret Thatcher. What people didn’t know, the government included, was that Froggatt was also a heroin addict. As he was a doctor however he didn’t use street heroin, but rather heroin in its pure form. He uses this short documentary Heroin on the NHS to argue that when given a clean supply [...]

  • Drugs Inc: Alaska Heroin Rush

    Drugs, Inc. is an ongoing documentary series which runs on the National Geographic channel, it explores global narcotics production and trafficking and features interviews with drug dealers, smugglers, recreational drug users, drug addicts, and law enforcement officers. The series started in 2010 and has run for three series so far. Alaska Heroin Rush is the second episode of the third series and it first aired in October 2012. Alaska, of all places, has one of the biggest drug problems in [...]

  • Ben: Diary Of A Heroin Addict

    Ben: Diary Of A Heroin Addict

    Ben Rodgers was a bright schoolboy from a typical loving middle class British family, both he and his family expected him to become successful in life. He was raised in a quiet village and enjoyed cricket, was a keen boy scout, and he played in the school orchestra. His story is a familiar one, instead of living up to his promise he found himself on a path of self-destruction. During the last two years of his life Ben began creating [...]

  • Heroin: Facing the Dragon

    Heroin: Facing the Dragon

    Heroin: Facing The Dragon is a documentary which follows two heroin addicts from England to a Buddhist monastery in Thailand where they attempt to get clean. It is said that addicts who are sent to detox under the strict conditions of a Buddhist monastery are much more likely to become completely drug-free with a success rate of around 95% in comparison with the 38% success rate of NHS patients. This method of treatment achieved widespread public attention in recent years [...]

  • Swansea Love Story

    Swansea Love Story

    Vice documentaries are always great, but this one surely has to rank as one of the best. Swansea Love Story gives us an insight into the world of some heroin addicts in Swansea (Wales) where there is said to be a heroin problem of epidemic proportions. In 2009 drug agencies in Swansea reported a 180% rise in heroin use in the city in just four years and the problem is getting so bad that it has become visible on the cities [...]