Detox or Die

Detox or Die is a 2007 BBC documentary by filmmaker David Scott. The film follows Scott’s own attempt to rid himself of his addiction to drugs by undertaking Ibogaine treatment. Scott spent four years hooked on heroin, and a further twelve on legally prescribed heroin substitute methadone. His addiction is managed but methadone is notoriously difficult to stop, with only 4% of people subscribed methadone successfully being able to go from methadone to clean. The film was filmed over a five year [...]


Cocaine Cowboys

Cocaine Cowboys is a critically acclaimed 2006 documentary directed by Billy Corden, it looks back at the rise of cocaine in Miami and the subsequent cocaine epidemic which swept through the city and other surrounding areas in the 1970′s and 1980′s. The filmmakers interviewed former drug smugglers and gang members, as well as lawyers, law enforcement agents, and journalists from the era, each of who give their first hand account of the Miami drug war. In the early 1960′s and [...]


How Weed Won The West

How Weed Won The West is a 2010 Kevin Booth film and the follow up to his hugely successful documentary American Drug War. The film explores the fight against federal drug legislation which is being put up by pro-decriminalization activists on the West Coast of America. In California the majority of the public believe that prohibition against medical marijuana should be lifted. This film is an excellent choice for those who lack the background knowledge about the ‘war on drugs’ [...]


High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell

High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell is a 1995 HBO documentary which follows three crack cocaine addicts as they go about their day-to-day lives in the former industrial town of Lowell, thirty miles north of Boston. Lowell was once a thriving textiles hub with an important role to play in the American Industrial Revolution, but that is ancient history and for decades the city has been decline. Things got even worse for the city in the late-eighties and early-nineties [...]


Montana Meth

America has for several years been in the grip of a serious meth epidemic, and some of the worst affected areas are not the major cities but the sleepy towns and cities of states which an outsider would assume innocent. One of the states which has seen a serious problem is Montana, and that problem was brought to the attention of the world through a series of shocking TV and print ads from the Thomas Siebel funded non-profit organization the Montana [...]


Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street

Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street is a 1999 documentary by esteemed filmmaker Steven Okazaki, it follows five heroin using youths in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco as they went about their day to day lives between 1995 and 1998. The result is a grim depiction of the unglamorous and frequently highly dangerous life of a heroin addict and the depths at which they will sink to feed their habits. Prostitution, male prostitution, drug dealing, and [...]


Recent Videos

  • In Pot We Trust

    In Pot We Trust

    In Pot We Trust is a 2007 TV documentary which examines the cases of five people who have been prescribed with medical marijuana to treat various medical conditions, each of the five people have a chronic illness. All five use the drug as a painkiller but their use of the drug is in jeopardy due to the federal anti-narcotic legislation which undermines the decision of their respective states to legalize the drug. The film examines medical marijuana from every angle with [...]

  • Dude, Where Are My Rolling Papers?

    Dude, Where Are My Rolling Papers?

    Dude, Where Are My Rolling Papers? is a short documentary which looks at the contrast between marijuana use in the UK and the US, from the perspective of British filmmakers, including the cost and the effort involved in obtaining it. The crew visit an area of America where weed is tolerated by policeman and ignored, effectively decriminalized. The host visits a doctor to determine how easier it would be for him to obtain a prescription for medical marijuana. He determines [...]

  • Britain’s Secret Cannabis Farms

    Britain’s Secret Cannabis Farms

    Britain’s Secret Cannabis Farms is a BBC documentary in which a radio DJ follows around a Bristol drug squad while it raids huge cannabis farms which are being run by organized crime syndicates. It also talks about new stronger strains of cannabis, known as ‘skunk’, which are said to cause serious mental health problems. He also visits an annual hemp fair in London in which he meets various people who grow and consume cannabis. In truth the only entertaining parts of [...]

  • Africa’s Moonshine Epidemic

    Africa’s Moonshine Epidemic

    Uganda’s are said to be the hardest drinking people in Africa, and their choice of drink is a super strong moonshine called ‘Waregi’ which translates into ‘War Gin’, more people per capita drink in Uganda than in any other country in the world. A Vice crew visits Uganda to find out more about a toxic drink which is making people go blind.  They meet a government minister who explains that drinking is a part of their culture, the reality is [...]

  • Drugs, Inc: Marijuana

    Drugs, Inc: Marijuana

    Drugs, Inc. is a hugely popular documentary series which runs on the National Geographic channel. This episode, Marijuana, is the fourth episode of the first series. This episode looks at the global trade in Marijuana and the paradigm shift that the marijuana growing industry is seeing from one controlled by highly organized criminal enterprises to small scale quasi-legal operations. The filmmakers visit growers who are leading the medical marijuana revolution and consumers are consuming medical marijuana for the herbs medicinal properties. The episode [...]

  • Dope Sick Love

    Dope Sick Love

    Dope Sick Love is a unique and intriguing documentary by HBO about two pairs of heroin and crack cocaine addicted lovers who roam the streets of New York City, the film follows them as they go about their day to day lives. There is no narration or interviews in the film, an approach which proves extremely effective and has been seen in other great HBO documentaries such as Black Tar Heroin: Dark End of the Street. This film is about [...]

  • Krokodil: Russia’s Deadliest Drug

    Krokodil: Russia’s Deadliest Drug

    Vice documentaries are often pretty groundbreaking and sometimes intended to shock. I can’t think of any as groundbreaking or shocking as this one. Krokodil: Russia’s Deadliest Drug exposes the widespread use, in Russia, of a ridiculously dangerous new drug called ‘Krokodil’. The drug is actually the result of clandestine production of desomorphine, a derivative of morphine which was invented in the United States in 1932. Desomorphine in its purest form would probably be relatively safe for consumption, just like Morphine, but [...]

  • World’s Scariest Drug

    World’s Scariest Drug

    Vice documentaries never fail to teach people new things, and this one is no different. Have you ever heard of a drug called Scopolamine? Otherwise known as ‘The Devil’s Breath’? No, neither had I. In this film Ryan Duffy of Vice visits Colombia in search of a drug which is said to be so powerful that it renders the consumer completely capable of exercising free will, effectively making them completely submissive to the orders or requests of others. It has as [...]

  • Meth: Shadow Across America

    Meth: Shadow Across America

    The American Meth epidemic has been one of the hottest topics of the past decade and we have already featured dozens of documentary films made between 2004 and 2010 on this site which look at the meth problem in the country, it seems as if news of the meth epidemic really hit the mainstream news in the US around 2004 to 2005, before this the problem remained little known. In fact, we’ve actually seen documentaries from 2002 and 2003 which [...]

  • Four Corners: The Ice Age

    Four Corners: The Ice Age

    The American meth epidemic has been well publicized globally and there are numerous documentaries about the meth problem in America in our crystal meth documentaries section, but we don’t often hear about the meth epidemic which is sweeping through some other countries. Meth is causing a huge problem in Australia and New Zealand, for example, both countries which due to their geographical location are extremely difficult to smuggle drugs into. Meth on the other hand can be made using makeshift home-based labs [...]

  • Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery

    Russell Brand is a superstar in the UK and is fast becoming one of the most popular British exports to America of our generation, but it could have ended up so very differently as a little over ten years ago he had a serious addiction to heroin and was a frequent user of various other narcotics. In Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery he tells us the story of his decline into addiction as a young TV presenter and his subsequent [...]

  • Drugs, Inc: Crack

    Drugs, Inc. is a hugely popular documentary series on the National Geographic channel which looks at the global market for drugs. This episode, Crack, is the first episode of the second series and it was first aired on 1st January 2012. In this episode the filmmakers meet with traffickers, dealers, and users of crack cocaine, as well as with law enforcement agents. The film focuses initially on Chicago, the home of 266,000 crack cocaine users. We meet Jeff a crack [...]

  • Meth: A County In Crisis

    Meth: A County In Crisis

    Meth: A County In Crisis is a 2005 TV documentary which explains how the American meth epidemic has ravaged the rural area of Franklin County in Missouri. The filmmakers explain the effect of the drugs and the powerful addictive properties and explains how the police and court system are attempting to deal with the problem. At the time Missouri had the largest number of meth lab incidents out of any state in America. We meet a man named Mike Murphy who is [...]

  • The Brickyard: Home Of All The Junkies

    The Brickyard: Home Of All The Junkies

    The Brickyard: Home of All The Junkies is a short 2006 documentary which explores the lives of a number of homeless crack and heroin addicts, drug dealers, and sex workers, who live in a semi-concealed public space in the west side of Chicago. We are struggling to find a great deal of information about this film, other than that it was supposed to be a sneak peek or promo for a full feature-length documentary which doesn’t seem to have been [...]

  • Sins of My Father

    Sins of My Father

    Sins of My Father tells the story of Pablo Escobar, the boss of the infamous Medellin drug cartel of Colombia, told – as the title suggests – by his son Sebastian Escobar and his widow Maria Isabel Santos. Sebastian tells the story of his childhood growing up with a father who he knew was one of the most wanted men in the world. He tells how he spent some of his childhood living in luxury and extravagance as his father reaped the rewards of his huge [...]